30 gen 2013

Another Fan on the Wall #002 - Luca Pons

"Recently I'm thinking to shut down my Facebook page. I've got the feeling that it's taking too much space in my head. It's not a matter of how many hours I've spent, since my first log in, just scrolling the fucking home page up and down.
It's not a matter of how many little red shitty notification icons do pop up after two days without using it. 
It's the all about having a huge/tiny fake world made of waterfalls of likes that make people satisfied.
I just want to come back to read more. 
Recently Herman Hesse has broaden my mind to new forms of self reflection.
The characters of the books I'm reading, have turned out to be more real than my thousands of facebook friends. I can say that the little details of a normal daily life of a fictional character does more to me than the extraordinary new instagram photo album of a fb "friend" who doesn't even talk to me. Therefore, I think I'll have a rest from it for a while, and read more."
Luca Pons is an MA Central Saint Martins student who wants to investigate and join together different disciplines such as Psychology, Communication and Graphics.

Paper Idols - Maradona 100% recyclable

Tv is Obsolete | Web is Absolute

E.T. Video Call Home

Choose Reality

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