22 apr 2013

Nature Is Watching You!

16 apr 2013

Comic Book Illustrations Cross Over Into the Real World!

Beijing-based chemical engineering student and talented illustrator Gaikuo-Captain re-imagines himself in precarious situations straight out of a comic book. The artist's playful images offer a range of action with some familiar faces from popular comic books, anime, and manga. 

2 apr 2013

Japanese Schoolgirls Perform Superhuman Energy Attacks!

There is a massive internet photo trend brewing amongst youths in Japan right now that involves taking pictures of teens who appear to be releasing invisible energy that sends their peers flying. 
The photo mania is especially popular amongst schoolgirls who started the trend by uploading images on Twitter and labeling them as "Makankosappo", a reference to a special attack in the popular manga-turned-anime Dragon Ball series.

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