31 mag 2012

Flying Houses!

Laurent Chehere, Paris based photographer, makes houses flying high!
Reminding the famous "Up!" flying house, but without balloons, these photomanipulated series of buildings makes us dream, not just for the subjects, but also for the light of the scenes which contribute to create an unreal world.

30 mag 2012

Star Wars in Subway Tickets

Hubert de Lartigue is a French artist who makes Origami Star Wars ships out of Parisian subway tickets.

How To Open a Beer

Chris Sumers made this cool short about opening your beer on many different ways, without the help of a beer opener!

28 mag 2012

A Drunkard's Spiraling Thoughts

Contemporary artist Gilles Barbier's sculptural installation titled "L'ivrogne", translated as "The Drunk", depicts a sullen man, down on his luck. Replicated after the artist himself, the figures has a spiraling whirlwind of thoughts physically emerging from his head. The metaphorical visual made of wax and mixed media displays a circus of objects ranging from dreamy stars and clouds to violent bombs and dynamite.
There's a cartoonish appeal to his winding imagination that can't be contained!

25 mag 2012

" From Love To Bingo" - One Life in 873 Images

BBDO Brazil and director Cisma just released this fantastically clever stop motion video that tells the story of life "From love to bingo" for client Getty Images by winnowing through their exhaustive library of some 38 million images. The one minute clip took six months to research and animate.

23 mag 2012

Toilette Paper Roll Sculptures!

Junior Fritz Jacquet creates unique sculptures out of toilet paper rolls.
The faces of fictional characters are firts sculpted by hand and then coated with shellac and different pigments.

22 mag 2012

Recycled Sculptures!

Sayaka Kajita Ganz use discarded objects, mainly made in plastic, like kitchen tools, hangers, to create stunning sculptures inspired by animals and nature. She says about her work: "It's a way for me to contemplate and remind myself that even if there is conflict right now, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together.".

19 mag 2012

How To Tattoo a Banana!

The work of multimedia artist Phil Hansen whose latest project is tattooed bananas whereby he punctures the skin of the starchy fruit with a pin. using a technique similar to that of pointillism, each perforation is made close together in order that the lines of the 'drawing' prominently appears resulting in 'masterpieces' which become visible as the banana naturally browns.

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