31 ott 2012

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings - It's Halloween!

Ray Villafane, a two time winner of the Food Network's Outrageous Pumpkins Challenge Show, continues to showcase his impressive skills with these incredibly original designs that will be tough to beat!

29 ott 2012

Black & White in Color - Viral Video

We’ll let this fun video from filmmaker Eran Amir speak for itself, suffice to say the entire thing was shot as you see here without any color correction, and here’s a making of to show how he did it. Amir previously shot a music video using 1,500 photographs held by 500 people around Israel.

26 ott 2012

Anamorphic Tribute to Felix Baugartner

Brisbane-based street artist Fintan Magee has just put up an arresting new piece in his hometown called Felix Backstroke. In what we believe to be a tribute to Felix Baumgartner's daring skydive through space, the suited up figure is seen performing the backstroke in a puddle of water (or sky). 
Love the anamorphic nature of this. It really does seem like he's floating!

24 ott 2012

Playful Wire Sculptures!

German artist Martin Senn creates playful, three dimensional sculptures out of wire. They look like quickly drawn sketches of various objects!

19 ott 2012

New Body Art by Chooo-San!

Can you believe that these body modifications are created without using any digital editing software? They are the painted works of a Japanese artist known simply as Chooo-san.
Equipped with some acrylic paints and raw talent, Chooo-san has once again proven she is a master manipulator. There's even a hint of humor in the new works. On a lean torso of a man, she depicts a series of neatly fastened buttons and the same set of buttons appear to be popped open, unable to close shut, on the belly of a heavier set fellow. 

18 ott 2012

Distorted Panorama Drawings by Rorik Smith

If you want to be disoriented, as well as impressed, then these "polyhedral panorama" illustrations from Rorik Smith are quite amazing to behold. The North Wales based artist says of his work, "Dedicated to the solution of visual problems, the development and application of graphical representation systems ​to investigate and record the character of collections, ​objects, environments and individuals of personal or demonstrable significance." 

15 ott 2012

New Shadow Sculptures Built from Discarded Wood!

Tim Noble and Sue Webster take ordinary things including rubbish, to make assemblages and then point light to create projected shadows which show a great likeness to something identifiable including self-portraits. The art of projection is emblematic of transformative art. The process of transformation, from discarded waste, scrap metal or even taxidermy creatures to a recognizable image, echoes the idea of ‘perceptual psychology’ a form of evaluation used for psychological patients. 
The result is surprising and powerful as it redefines how abstract forms can transform into figurative ones.

12 ott 2012

Finger Drawings

As strange as it sounds, New York-based artist Judith Braun creates all these wonderful landscapes and abstract patterns using nothing but her fingers dipped in charcoal dust. Braun says that she often uses her both hands simultaneously to the extent of arms’ reach as this allows the inherent symmetry of the body to generate a gestural vocabulary of mark making.

9 ott 2012


It's called Insect and is a creation of the artist Laurent Seroussi.
some women some insects. this series of photoshopped images are really striking, sometimes hypnotic and disturbing.

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