27 feb 2014

"Selfie", A 60-Second Animated Warning About Self Obsession

Animator and illustrator Andy Martin has created “Selfie,” a 60-second animated warning about self obsession. He made this piece for the “Character Selfies” project at Pictoplasma.

25 feb 2014

Oscars 2014: Kids reenact Best Picture nominees, including ‘Gravity,’ ‘American Hustle,’ ‘Her’

This year’s Oscar nominees for best picture have been given a kid-sized makeover.

A new video co-produced by CineFix shows a group of tykes re-enacting scenes from many of this year’s crop of nominated films, including “Gravity,” “American Hustle,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” "Dallas Buyers Club," “Her,” and “Nebraska.”

21 feb 2014

Amazing Tongue Twister Rap

Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal lays down an impossibly fast tongue twister rap where he works his way through ever letter of the alphabet. It only took him 67 takes to get it right.

20 feb 2014

Suspended Möbius Strip Sculptures Made from Thousands of Matchbox Toy Cars

New York City based artist Chambliss Giobbi uses thousands of Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy cars to create large Möbius strip that wind throughout space without beginning or end, while suspended from the ceiling. The sculptures are part of his new exhibition at 101/EXHIBIT in Los Angeles titled "American Iron", a show that explores the “inventiveness, expanse, and ultimate collapse” of a uniquely American culture.

18 feb 2014

The Disturbing Sculptures of Dongwook Lee

"Dongwook Lee's works focus on the contradictions that are fundamentally inherent in human existence and life. Exquisitely hyper-realistic and surrealistically imagined renditions of his miniature human figures are staged in absurd situations in Lee's works, in which the bleak everyday life transforms into poetic horror.

14 feb 2014

L'Amore Visto Dai Registi Italiani

Come racconterebbero 7 tra i più noti registi italiani il giorno di San Valentino?
La creative company milanese Social Content Factory,  fondata da Cristian Micheletti e Andrea Stagnitto, ha girato un tributo ai registi che hanno fatto la storia del cinema italiano.  

12 feb 2014

The Sad Story Behind Flappy Bird (Video)

A Map Showing the Geographic Locations Disney and Pixar Films Around the World

Digital artist Eowyn Smith has created a map of the world highlighting the location of animated films by Disney and Pixar. The fan art maps 44 Disney animated films 13 Pixar films. It reaches as far back as Disney’s first film, Snow White, and includes Disney’s 2013 release Frozen.

11 feb 2014

Cool Movie Illustrations by Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley is a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios. For the past two years he has been working on a pet project called “Lil’ Inappropriate Golden Books” series featuring great art from classic R-rated movies. Part of the Lil’ Inappropriate Book line is Movies R Fun where he has compiled funny drawings of popular movie scenes with quotes as if they were from a page of a children’s book.

How to Sneeze in Ten Languages

10 feb 2014

Brilliant Three-Dimesional Mural by Street Artist Vesod

Beautiful, high contrast figures full of staggered motion and bright geometric abstractions characterize the fantastic street art of Vesod.

5 feb 2014

Bruce Lee Uses Martial Arts to Prepare Breakfast

A Tumblr artist known simply as VSE OK has created a hilariously clever sequence of eight images that depict Bruce Lee, using his expert martial arts skills, creatively preparing a balanced breakfast.

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