30 dic 2013

The Best Girl Fails of 2013

19 dic 2013

NBA Commercial: Jingle Hoops (2013 Christmas Day Uniforms)

Footage Leaked: 
Dope NBA Commercial: Jingle Hoops (2013 Christmas Day Uniforms)

Partially Painted Hands Blend Naturally Into Landscapes

Artist Kevin Corrado plays with all kinds of perspectives in this visually intriguing series titled Transfer. In each scene, a single arm, attached to nothing, hangs mysteriously down from the sky. The entire hand, covered with dripping paint to match the surrounding landscape, blends together with the scene in a dramatic combination of real and surreal.

18 dic 2013

Tape Art by Mark Khaisman!

Mark Khaisman characterizes his work as ‘pictorial illusions formed by light and shadow’. The three key elements are: translucent packing tape, clear acrylic or film panels, and light. By superimposing layers of packaging tape Mark can ‘play on degrees of opacity that produces transparencies highlighted by the color, shading, and embossment’.

13 dic 2013

Classic 80's Movie Posters in the Style of Stained Glass

Fans of classic movies like BigGooniesBlade Runner, or The Terminator will just love this fun collection by Italy-based team Van Orton Design. In the series of 80's Movie Posters, the artists recreated the characters of each story in the style of stained-glass windows.

11 dic 2013

"Emptyland" By Jaume Montserrat

Jaume Montserrat is a Barcelona based illustratorHis greatest passions are nature, society and traveling. He draws trying to bend those three worlds.

10 dic 2013

The Love-Filled Street Art of Alex Senna

Alex Senna beautifies city walls with his warm and endearing street art.

From his website, "Alex Senna brings us to a nostalgic atmosphere when using moments and characters that sounds familiar like a friend, a moment, a romance or an emotion.The incomparable traces of his work in black and white allow a little more love to come inside of our daily obligations, a universal need these days."

9 dic 2013

Incredible Photorealistic Illustrations by Karla Mialynne

Artist Karla Mialynne achieves such impressively realistic details in her illustrations that viewers often wonder how she does it. In order to satisfy the natural desire for information, Mialynne has started aligning the tools she uses directly next to the images that she creates.

12 Ways to Pet Your Cat

6 dic 2013

Squiggly Figures Congregate on a Building in Spain

Visual artist SUSO33, known for his abstract human forms comprised of quick gestural lines, recently painted this large-scale mural in Madrid depicting a hundred or so of his figures gathering to form a large one. All photos courtesy Vandal Voyeur.

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