30 nov 2012

The Comical Evolution of Actors and Characters in Film!

Los Angeles-based illustrator Jeff Victor gives us all a timeline of the cast of characters big-time celebrities like Johnny Deep and Tom Hanks have played over the course of their careers in his Evolution of… series. Each illustration is like a fun little game that triggers one's memory of the great films of yesteryear that have introduced these fresh-faced actors. It's especially entertaining for film fanatics who can put their movie knowledge to the test by identifying movie character names with only the year of the film and an image of the actor in costume. Pop culture enthusiasts rejoice!

Johnny Depp

Tom Hanks

Uma Thurman

Jack Nicholson

Natalie Portman

Biff Tannen from Back To The Future


Bill Murray

29 nov 2012

New Anamorphic Illusions by Brasspup

Master of optical illusion Brasspup has a new video out today showing some really fun optical illusions using anamorphic projections. The trick is pretty simple: the photographs are skewed but then filmed at an angle where everything looks normal, but when the illusion is revealed it’s still pretty mind-bending.

26 nov 2012

Incredible Sculptures Made of Bicycle Parts!

Chicago-based bicycle parts company SRAM gives artists the opportunity to show how creative they can be by equipping them with a box of 100 bike components and challenging them to make something for their pART PROJECT competition.
This year, over 80 artists have participated, contributing their inventive creations that range from figurative sculptures to abstract collages. Each piece presents an imaginative transformation of gears and chains into anything from an artistic rendition of a robotic ostrich to a surrealistic creature with a baby doll's head mounted at the top.

Artist: Mark Castator - Title: Heart Lode

Artist: Billie Grace Lynn - Title: Lion

Artist: Ebitenyefa Baralaye - Title: When I spin, my dress spin too

Artist: Bruce White - Title: The Amazing Hjalmer and His Astonishing One-Person Self-Propelled Circus Machine

Artist: Rob Millard Mendez - Title: Ostrich

Artist: Lewis Tardy - Title: Free Wheeling

15 nov 2012

Kids at Home and Play!

Tim Macpherson is a UK based advertising photographer who started his career shooting Editorial for magazines. His works are published in best advertising photographers book Lurzers. He works for The Sunday Times, Nikon, Phillips etc. Photoset is short, but very creative.

12 nov 2012

Great Stop Motion Video for Moleskine!

Rogier Wieland created the video 'A Year in Full Colour' as a commercial for Moleskine. The result is a beautiful stop motion video.

9 nov 2012

Towering Sculptures Made of Flowers!

The spectacular march features giant floats made from thousands of flowers, and it could easily rival the world's most beautiful celebrations. The small city of Zundert is overrun with larger-than-life animatronic animals and puppets and gorgeously crafted floats that stand taller than houses. Zundert's Bloemencorso has become so popular that over 50,000 people attend each year, making it the largest flower parade in the world!

5 nov 2012

Exploding Food Photography by Alan Sailer

Alan Sailer is a California based photographer that shoots and captures food through high speed explosions with extremely high speed cameras.

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