30 gen 2014

Jee Young Lee Creates Surreal Dreamscapes in Her Small Studio

Korean artist Jee Young Lee has been weaving herself into exceedingly clever dream worlds she creates in her studio… and despite their other worldly appearance she uses absolutely no photo manipulation for the end result.

27 gen 2014

Flexible Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo’s artwork may look like porcelain or gypsum sculptures at first, but that’s only until he demonstrates how flexible they are. Beijing based artist, book designer and editor creates these busts and sculptures out of thousands of layers of glued thin paper. Hongbo builds the honeycomb-like structures by strategically placing the glue on each sheet of paper, and then gives the desired shape to it.

21 gen 2014

Artist Transforms New Zealand's Utility Boxes with Graffiti

Graphic designer and street artist Paul Walsh was given permission by Chorus to paint their telephone utility boxes around Auckland, New Zealand.
After gaining local recognition for a Grumpy Cat mural he created, the gifted illustrator was approached by Chorus (New Zealand’s phone network company) to beautify their DSL Cabinet. The artist wonderfully decorates the various telephone’s utility boxes and transferred them into a creative street art.

12 gen 2014

Humans Are Awesome!

"Humans are awesome" an explosive compilation featuring the best of extreme sports in a tribute video.
Surfing, cycling, base jumb, flying suit, aircraft, freefall, skateboarding, BMX, golf, skiing and so on, some beautiful pictures for your eyes!

9 gen 2014

7 gen 2014

12 Inspiring Workspaces Of The Famously Creative

From tiny writing desks to giant painting studios, the only thing all of these creative studios have in common is that they inspired their successful inhabitants to create greatness.

Mark Twain, author and humorist.

Joan Miró, artist.

Pablo Picasso, artist.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono, songwriters and artists.

Marc Chagall, painter.

Paul Cézanne, painter.

Charlotte Bronte, novelist and poet.

Yves Saint Laurent, fashion designer.

Francis Bacon, painter.

Rudyard Kipling, author.

Jackson Pollock, painter.

Mark Rothko, painter.

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