31 ott 2013

Amazing miniature oil paintings by Joseph Martinez

Joseph Martinez chose matches boxes as his favorite media for oil paintings. 
The richness of details in these tiny pieces are unbelievable. This series in particular is dedicated to the city of San Francisco and its street artists.

Is Cheating Morally Wrong?

25 ott 2013

Mesmerizing Animals Emerge from Elaborate Ink Swirls!

This series by UK-based artist Si Scott, entitled Resonate, features black ink drawings inspired by British wildlife and old anatomical drawings. Scott's signature style often features an explosion of expressive pen strokes bursting with energy, and these animal portraits are no exception.

"Foam Dance! "

23 ott 2013

Surreal Floating Room!

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich has made a strong impact on people’s mind with this installation presenting a room ripped out of a building and hanging in the air above the city. Reachable by a ladder, his work entitled “The Furniture Lift – The Ultimate Moving Out” was created for the Art festival Le Voyage à Nantes.

22 ott 2013

Hand-Cut photography by Justine Khamara!

Justine Khamara lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She is a complex artist who works with digital manipulation. Khamara hand-cuts the photographs to reorganize and paste them afterwards. Same of her collages were even cut into thin strips then woven.

21 ott 2013

Fonetica dei Brands!

Cloudbuster Studio offers a restyling of the major International Brands to teach Italian consumers the right way to pronounce them.

Banksy in New York, Day 20: Upper West Side!

Banksy paid a visit to the Upper West Side for the 20th day in his "Better Out than In" residency in New York. The plain black stencil depicts a small boy holding a giant hammer, effectively turning an outdoor fire alarm into an impromptu high striker game.

19 ott 2013

Star Cars - The Cults Vehicles Together into a Poster!

Star Cars“, or all the vehicles from the most cult movies and TV shows together in one poster created by Scott Park.

18 ott 2013

Playful Anamorphic Illusions of Life-Size Picture Frames!

Anamorphoses is a site-specific series by French street artists Ella & Pitr, who also go by Papier Peintres, that playfully transforms rundown spaces into colorful settings for people to pose in for a picture. The duo adds anamorphic illusions of picture frames throughout the space from interesting angles. Depending on one's perspective, it can look like a person is walking inside a portrait.

How to Wear Your Backpack with Style!

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