30 gen 2013

Another Fan on the Wall #002 - Luca Pons

"Recently I'm thinking to shut down my Facebook page. I've got the feeling that it's taking too much space in my head. It's not a matter of how many hours I've spent, since my first log in, just scrolling the fucking home page up and down.
It's not a matter of how many little red shitty notification icons do pop up after two days without using it. 
It's the all about having a huge/tiny fake world made of waterfalls of likes that make people satisfied.
I just want to come back to read more. 
Recently Herman Hesse has broaden my mind to new forms of self reflection.
The characters of the books I'm reading, have turned out to be more real than my thousands of facebook friends. I can say that the little details of a normal daily life of a fictional character does more to me than the extraordinary new instagram photo album of a fb "friend" who doesn't even talk to me. Therefore, I think I'll have a rest from it for a while, and read more."
Luca Pons is an MA Central Saint Martins student who wants to investigate and join together different disciplines such as Psychology, Communication and Graphics.

Paper Idols - Maradona 100% recyclable

Tv is Obsolete | Web is Absolute

E.T. Video Call Home

Choose Reality

Firstbook - Bookmark

Peacebook - Bookmark

See More about Luca Pons here!

25 gen 2013

Video - New Papercraft Stop-Motion for Shugo Tokumaru

Sit back, turn up the volume and set this video to full-screen. Behold the lastest stop motion music video from animation duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemyslav Adamsky.
The video was launched just this morning and features a brilliant, continuous parade of what must be thousands of cut paper and foam core silhouettes set to Tokumaru’s quirky track Katachi.

24 gen 2013

Organized Fruits and Vegetables Photographed by Florent Tanet

"A Colorful Winter" is a new series of works by photographer Florent Tanet currently on display at the famous Le Bon Marché department store in Paris through February 16th. The clever arrangements of common fruits and vegetables against pastel backdrops play with color, scale, and shape creating whimsical still lifes meant to act as a reprieve from a dreary winter.

Street Art - Watch a Beautiful Decomposing Mural!

The Italian street artist Zed1 recently created a multi-layered mural underneath a highway overpass, painting a bright red, vine-covered skeleton that he then concealed behind a suit of paper printed with gray skyscrapers. As the elements took their toll on the paper suit — a process documented in the beautiful video below — the figure shed its clothes to reveal the Burton-esque skeleton below.
The mural, titled “Second Skin,” is the first in what promises to be a series of animated and evolving works by ZED1.

18 gen 2013

The "Invisible Man" is Back!

Artist and camouflage extraordinaire Liu Bolin just opened a new exhibition at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris featuring a number of new works that depict the artist perfectly hidden amongst urban backdrops. Remarkably the effect is achieved without the use of special effects or Photoshop, rather Bolin is painstakingly painted head-to-toe by a group of assistants using photographs of the area behind him as a guide. “My intention was not to disappear in the environment but instead to let the environment take possession of me”, he says.

17 gen 2013

Gravity Defying Photography by Cerise Doucede

French photographer Cerise Doucede uses strings to suspend objects in midair creating gravity defying tableaus that seem to be frozen in time. Cerise finds her inspiration in materials, and scenes from everyday life, which have been rearranged and reassembled to create mesmerizing and dreamlike images.

9 gen 2013

Minimalistic Posters of Art Movements

Graphic designer, Outmane Amahou has created a series of minimalistic posters for your viewing pleasure, in which he pays tribute to major art movements throughout history.

7 gen 2013

Photographer Creates & Assembles Modular Man!

If you liked playing with Mr. Potato Head as a kid, then you will love this new project by photographer Fabien Nissels. 
By photographing each of his friend Johan's body parts at different angles then printing them out on life size cubes, he created a modular man with lots of hilarious options. 
They positioned the pieces in various poses in a myriad of locations and the result was quite entertaining.

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