28 mar 2013

Michael Jackson’s Signature Dance Moves Animated in Lego!

This is a fun clip by Berlin-based animator Annette Jung of Talking Animals that captures a sizeable repertoire of Michael Jackson’s dance moves using only pixelated Lego bricks. 
The sound really adds to the experience, headphones/speakers recommended! 

27 mar 2013

Another Fan on the Wall #004 - Emanuela D'Ambrosi

Emanuela D'Ambrosi, 24, is an italian photographer. She’s graduating in photography at the European  Institute of Design in Rome. She owes everything to the photograph which has  enabled it to create a deep relationship with reality, to receive it at will.  She abandoned hers studies in Psychology to follow the path that most  preferred, convinced that the two disciplines would complete each other, she  preferred to speak in first person keep on having a great passion for the  workings of the human mind and the latent intentions of individuals. Citing Susan Sontag: "a photograph is both a pseudo-presence and an indication of a lack".

Emanuela D'Ambrosi on Facebook

19 mar 2013

"Thumbs Up!" Famous Movies Without The Guns!

The oddly hilarious blog Thumbs and Ammo is based on the simple premise that a movie character brandishing a gun looks an awful lot like someone giving the thumbs-up sign. All it takes is a positive attitude and a little digital manipulation.

18 mar 2013

Street Artist Dran aka the French Banksy!

The street artist Dran has a unique style of painting. These gloomy paintings have subtle hidden messages which often suite our modern society.

15 mar 2013

iPad vs Toilet Paper!

Sure, the paper industry is struggling, but there's one thing your tablet can't replace. Check out this hilarious French ad for Le Trefle, and remember, not everything can be improved with technology.

14 mar 2013

Another Fan on the Wall #003 - Andrea Avellino

Andrea Avellino, aged 24, is an italian Illustrator and Designer.
He obtained the bachelor in Interior Design c/o Architettura Valle Giulia (Rome, 2011), and the
master’s degree in Systems Design c/o ISIA Roma (Rome, 2013). He's also deepening his knowledge in animation, photography, moviemaking and interaction design."

12 mar 2013


The social and economic paradoxes of modern Shanghai are presented in Alain Delorme's "Totems." 
This series of exaggerated photographs, manipulated through photoshop, depicts the reality of the low-wage workers who toil at the bottom rung while Shanghai expands around them. In the midst of rising skyscrapers and exploding wealth, they are left to carry the ever-increasing weight of the city's market demands.

7 mar 2013

David Lynch’s Hair Compared to Famous Paintings!

San Francisco-based creative Jimmy Chen compared David Lynch’s hair with various well-known paintings. The comparisons include such famous pieces like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Monet’s “Waterlillies”, however his personal favorite couple is the one with the Wave by Hokusai.

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