20 dic 2012

Origami Mosaic by Kota Hiratsuka

Japanese paper engineer Kota Hiratsuka has been creating beautifully complex origami mosaics that rely on cut and folded geometric patterns. See many more of his works here and on Flickr

19 dic 2012

"Scotch Tape" - Portrait Series of Faces Contorted!

"Scotch Tape" is an ongoing series of portraits by New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman in which he uses clear adhesive tape to completely cover and distort people's faces into hilarious caricatures of themselves!

Find out more about the project: here

18 dic 2012

Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg: A Gravity-Defying Chain Reaction

Isaac Newton vs. rube Goldberg is an extremely slick chain reaction aided by magnets and all matter of visual trickery. Just watch, try to guess which way is up, and have your mind blown. 

17 dic 2012

Amazing sculptures made of books

Incredible works of art by Canadian Guy Laramee, a stage writer, director, composer, singer, sculptor, painter and writer living in Montreal and producing awesome works.
Laramee uses the dense pages of old books as a medium to create carved landscapes and structures as part of a series entitled “The Great Wall”. 

14 dic 2012

Famous Self - Portraits!

South Africa’s Cape times launched a new advertising campaign with famous photos from the past, altered to look like those ubiquitous MySpace and Instagram self-portraits.

Amazing Paintings: Map Works

Matthew Cusick is a graduated artist from Cooper Union. Inspired by topography, he creates incredible works of art with map cutout. Cusick reconfigures entire networks of roads, rivers and municipal transit systems to create intricate artworks that look like paintings and drawings, if looked at from afar. 

13 dic 2012

Another Fan on the Wall #001 Giovanni Palumbo

Giovanni Palumbo, aka Gone Yhc, is an italian artist. He started his carreer as a graffiti writer, then he decided he want to express something that words alone wouldn't have done. 
Now he is an illustrator and works the most of the time in black and white, trying to give the breath of life to those cold and neutral colors.


11 dic 2012

Then and Now Photo-Fusion

The concept involves using photographs of people taken from throughout the last 100 years, by lining them up with the place they were taken and then taking another image to capture the changes between the time periods.

Then and Now Photo Fusion

Then and Now Photo Fusion

Then and Now Photo Fusion

Then and Now Photo Fusion

Then and Now Photo Fusion

Then and Now Photo Fusion

Then and Now Photo Fusion

4 dic 2012

"No Politics, Just a Joke" - Satirical Art!

Nothing is sacred in Victoria Tsarkova’s new series and show, "No Politics. Just a Joke". 
She has taken key figures from the world of politics and culture, mashing them up in unexpected ways which are highly satirical, funny and even a bit offensive. 
"No Politics. Just a Joke" opened November 24th near Moscow and runs until December 23rd.

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