20 giu 2014

E se gli uomini abbaiassero? Ecco le reazioni dei cani (Video)

20 mar 2014

The Electric Animal Sculptures of John Espinosa

John Espinosa's sculptures use animal forms and geometric shapes to create humorous juxtapositions that don't necessarily make sense, but are enjoyable nonetheless. His titles also add to the humor of his work, such as his sculpture of two deer merging at the neck with an electric yellow explosion titled "Things you can or can't learn on TV."

14 mar 2014

The International Sounds of Eating

Manchester-based artist James Chapman has created “The Sounds of Eating,” an illustration that depicts the sounds people make when eating in different languages.

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11 mar 2014

20 Strangers Were Asked to Kiss for the First Time. This is What Happened Next

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time. What happens next can only be described as awkward/beautiful/touching/smile-inducing. The video was done for Wren Studio, and for those curious, the song is: We Might Be Dead Tomorrow by SoKo.

10 mar 2014

10 Photos Of Celebrities Without Teeth

Justin Timberlake

George Clooney

Barack Obama

Sex and the City

Mila Kunis

Ellen's Academy Award's Selfie


Miley Cyrus

Kate Middleton

Leonardo Di Caprio

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