28 giu 2013

History of Art - The Dog of...

27 giu 2013

26 giu 2013

Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan!

Artist Claire Moynihan lives and works in Hertfordshire, England where she creates tiny sculptural insects and snails on felt balls using a variety of freeform embroidery techniques. After completing a collection of work Moynihan then organizes the pieces inside traditional entomological boxes which from a distance could almost pass for the real thing. 

Lovely Street Art by Above!

25 giu 2013

Everyday Foods Transformed Into Appealing Sculptures!

Romanian artist Dan Cretu sees the potential for art in all of the foods around him. In his work, he transforms the most basic of nourishment—fruits and vegetables, sunflower seeds into elaborate food art.

Ironic Street Art by Levalet!

"La Course" by street artist Levalet.

24 giu 2013

Sculptures in Modern Day Clothes!

Artists and art directors Alexis Persani & Leo Caillard have collaborated on a series called "Street Stone," taking stone sculptures and photo-manipulating them to be adorned in the latest fashion trends. A fun spin on contemporary culture and classic sculptural art.

Street Art by Julian Beever!

20 giu 2013

The Harry Potter Alphabet!

Samantha Esther gives us an alphabet filled with characters from the Harry Potter universe. For added fun, each character gets a humorous description. What do you think about it?

19 giu 2013

3D Ship Drawn on Three Flat Sheets of Paper!

Artist Ramon Bruin recently drew this fun anamorphic illusion that appears to be a 3D ship but is actually a skewed drawing on three sheets of flat paper. 

17 giu 2013

Rubber Band - New Deformed Portraits!

After Scotch Tape here is the new personal project by photographer Wes Naman
With this new series entitled “Rubber Band Portraits“, the photographer offers this time a new gallery of horrors with portraits of musicians from Albuquerque, twisted and deformed by elastic rubber bands...
Do you remember Scotch Tape Series?

"Pablo" by Sr. X

sR. x hit the streets of Gijón, Spain with his version of a modern Pablo Picasso.

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