30 apr 2012

Video: "Evolution" By Boolab!

Boolab is a production house dedicated to motion graphics, animation (2D and 3D) and the development of others visual techniques, both traditional and cutting or bleeding edge, and this is a reminder of where we came from and where we are going. A simple, infectious piece of animated art.

28 apr 2012


The artist Dan Matutina has created a series of illustrations called "Versus/Hearts" where he put famous mortal enemies into a heart. "Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn't exist without the other!"

26 apr 2012

"Recycling Clothing Art"

Guerra De La Paz is the collective name for artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo De La Paz, two cuban artists living in Miami. The creative duo have created a series of sculptural art work out of discarded, recycled clothings. These figures of sculptural iconography are made from t-shirts, shoes, boots, socks and more.
Exploring materialism in contemporary society, the sculptures are meant to make us think about our "mass-produced refuse".

21 apr 2012

"New mural by Blu in Melilla"

Melilla is  a small autonomous city of Spain and an exclave on the north coast of Morocco. 
Is politically part of Europe, but belong geographically to Africa.

The Italian muralist found this "ugly" wall close to the Melilla / Morocco border where everyday thousands of people are passing through the border to buy imported goods and products to resell in Morocco.

This new mural perfectly sums up the current situation of African migrants trying to enter Europe through Melilla and this quote by Ali Achet who's been stuck in the city since December 2005 says it all.

20 apr 2012

"Luminaris" - Stop Motion Film

"In a world controlled and timed by the light, a common man has a plan that could change the destiny."

"Luminaris" is a recent stop motion short from Argentine director Juan Pablo Zaramella featuring some delightful sequences using shadows, lightbulbs and marbles. The film tells the story of a man living in a world controlled and timed by the light and the plan he hatches to escape.
Luminaris won the Audience Award and Fipresci Award at Annency 2011, and was included in the Oscars shortlist for Best Animated Short.


18 apr 2012

"Iconatomy" - Two Celebrities in One Picture!

"Iconatomy" is a photography project by the swedish art student George Chamoun.
He mixed photos of icons of the past with the stars of today. The most difficult part was getting the pictures from the same angle.

Marilyn Monroe & Scarlett Johansson

Audrey Hepburn & Natalie Portman

Cary Grant & George Clooney

Elizabeth Taylor & Angelina Jolie

James Dean & Robert Pattinson

14 apr 2012

If walls could talk

Noemie Goudal produces works that transform settings, situations and objects in order to question their own reality. Her carefully placed images blur the lines between reality and make-believe, inviting viewers into an hidden world we wish we could explore.


13 apr 2012

Amazing 3D artworks!

Michael Murphy, artist and professor of art and technology at Georgia College, creates sculptures of famous faces using several layers of recycled materials, including bulletproof glass and wiring. Each layer is then hung up or placed on a platform to reveal a vivid face from the front and intricate composite layers from a side view.

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