29 nov 2013

What If There Was Instagram Throughout History?

"Histagrams" is the brainchild of Gusto NYC and Gavin Alaoen, two New York City based artists currently working for MTV Networks.
In a single topic tumblr named Histagram, the duo imagine an alternate reality where Instagram is available throughout history. While not always historically accurate, the spirit of Instagram is instantly recognizable. They do well to mimic the type of photos shared as well as the hashtags and language used on the popular social network.

Moonrise Time-Lapse Over Los Angeles

28 nov 2013

Street Artist Bordalo Segundo Creates a Stunning New Mural Using Found Objects

Street artist Bordalo Segundo recently completed a new mixed media mural installation titled "Arara Do Bosque De Telheiras". Using his signature mix of garbage and found objects combined with vibrant colours, Bordalo created a stunning image of a Scarlet Macaw, a large, red, yellow and blue parrot found in the humid evergreen forests of tropical South America.

Picture of the Day: The Power of the Ocean!

25 nov 2013

"2D or not 2D"

Incredibly talented Russian make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan’s latest project—titled “2D Or Not 2D”—involves transforming the three-dimensional faces of models into the two-dimensional paintings of famous 20th century artists. 
The make-up artist, used different techniques of face painting inspired by modern art and graphic design. 

Literary Coffee

21 nov 2013

Clever Stop Motion Short Film Made Using 852 Instagram Photos

French art director Thomas Jullien took advantage of some recurring photo themes on Instagram—self portraiture, famous landmarks, and so on—to stitch together a stop motion short film made solely out of Instagram photos. The film follows a loose daylong narrative—starting with a morning commute and ending with fireworks and a sunset—and consists of 852 Instagram photos, each taken by a different photographer.

20 nov 2013

Auto Aerobics by Chris LaBrooy

Classic cars are stretched into hollowed-out boxy forms and shown in fantastical interlocking arrangements in the surreal illustration series “Auto Aerobics” by UK-based artist Chris LaBrooy.

18 nov 2013

An Infinite Staircase by David McCracken!

Currently on view at this year’s annual Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, Australia is this fun piece titled Diminish and Ascend by artist David McCracken. The welded aluminum stairsteps appear to create an infinite path into the sky, depending on the angle and/or the presence of clouds.

15 nov 2013

Absolutely Weird Fat Man Sculptures by Mu Boyan

Mu Boyan is a professional sculptor and artist who was born in 1976 in Jinan, Shangdong Province, China.
Today we will show you his absolutely weird fat man sculptures

14 nov 2013

Adorable Carved Crayons!

Carved crayons look like famous characters from Star Wars, Futurama, Adventure Time, and other popular movies and television shows.

12 nov 2013

Retro Pop Emoticons by Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is an illustrator based in Curitiba, Brazil.
With the project “Retro Pop Emoticons” he represents several retro pop celebrities with emoticon faces. Who do you think is behind all these pixels?

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