24 lug 2012

Paper Cuts From One Sheet by Peter Callesen!

Peter Callesen makes true artworks from A4 papercuts by cutting out the shape and than folding the paper in the right form. It results in some pretty cool works!

23 lug 2012

Short Film "Le Miroir"

“Le Miroir” is an excellent short film directed by Ramon and Pedro (Antoine Tinguely and Laurent Fauchère). 
Le Miroir tells the story of a man – in the sense of the human being – which passes from childhood to the status of “old man”, the time to freshen up.

20 lug 2012

Thread and Nails Portraits!

Italian artist Pamela Campagna has blown us away with her intricately designed thread and nail portraits. The series of comprehensive works known as NETworks entail balck and gray thread interwoven and tightly wound around nails that are strategically embedded in a wooden board. The result of this complex alternative to drawing or painting is a defined portrait with a unique texture.

12 lug 2012

"The Pilots" Collage Series

Jens Ullrich large scale collage series "The Pilots" are collages of sport photographs found in today's newspapers and pictures of sculptures from the period of National Socialism. Juxtaposed together these images are at once weighted down by stone and metal sculptures and feather light, flying through the sky in a constant flux of motion.

4 lug 2012

Monopoly Game Street Art Found on the Sidewalks of Chicago

Monopoly can be a viable training tool for success in the real estate market. The game is much like real life – walking down blocks, passing different train stations and neighborhoods, seeing the Water Works in the distance. So it's kind of appropriate that a street artist in Chicago, known as Bored, has been installing elements of the board onto the actual streets of the city.

Via: Colossal

2 lug 2012

Interactive paintings on the streets of Malaysia!

A great new street artist is making a splash in Malaysia this month. Painter Ernest Zacharevich created new works where his painted figures of mischievous children are seen interacting with their physical surroundings: an old bicycle, a motorcycle, or even windows on the side of a building! 

Via: Colossal

Cityscapes Painted on Cardboard Panels

German street artist Evol is currently showing a number of new pieces at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The new work feature urban facades spray painted with the use of stencils on flat sheets of cardboard. Much like his outdoor graffiti, these stencils displayed an uncanny attention to detail, depicting light and shadow that transforms mundane surfaces of consumer packaging into fascinating, seemingly multi-dimensional pieces of art.

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