24 set 2012

Shocking Google Street View Photos!

Canadian artist Jon Rafman is an unusual photographer, he explores Google Street Views and takes screenshots of the most incredible sights here. The original pictures were actually shot by an army of Google's hybrid electric automobiles, each equipped with 9 cameras on a single pole.
That's why Jon calls his project "The Nine Eyes of Google Street View."

10 set 2012

Banksy's Street Art Come Alive! - Animated GIFs

When technology and street art join together only good seems to come out of it which is the case with the animated gif work of ABVH.
By taking the work of Banksy and animating them the artist has brought new, real life to the static art creating amusing takes of the work it is conceived from. So far the artist has only taken on 6 pieces of Banksy’s .

8 set 2012

The Face-Book

Dutch Book week campaign by Van Wanten Etcetera, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

more info: vanwanten.nl

3 set 2012

Mark Crilley Shreads a Playing Card and Draws a Realistic Copy!

Michigan-based author and illustrator Mark Crilley has been working on a series of “realism challenges” on his YouTube Channel
In his third installment he tackled the realistic drawing of a torn playing card. Pretty incredible!

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