30 mar 2012

Liu Bolin - Invisible Man!

Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflages himself in any surroundings, and you can see here that there is no background too difficult for him!
Bolin may spend upwards of ten hours at any given moment to achieve his desired effect.
His shocking precision makes his works remarkably unbelievable!

29 mar 2012


Graphic designer Stefan Asafti has created a very interesting project titled "Brandversation".
The series remakes the logos of famous companies using the logo from their arch rival as the paintbrush. Company slogans are aleso revisited, bringing to light the possibility that, in many minds, they may be just appropriate for either business.


27 mar 2012

10 Popular Movie Poster Cliches!

Have you ever felt like you're seeing the same movie poster over and over again?
French blogger Christophe Courtois noticed that movie posters are always the same and collect them to prove it.
It's just fun to see them all together in one post!

1. Back To Back, Viewed From The Side

2. The Between-The-Legs Shot

3. Big Eye

4. Blue

5. A Loner Viewed From Behind

6. Black & White Action Movie Posters

7. Lady In Red

8. Big Heads Over Tiny People On A Beach

9. In Bed

10. Running In The Street, At A Tilt And Tinted Blue

24 mar 2012

"I Am Not" - Contemporary Surrealist Portraits!

"I am not a clown, it is this monstrous naive society that plays the game of severity for better conceal her idiocy" - Salvador Dalì -

Any fan of Salvador Dalì's paintings would get great pleasure from this series entitled "I Am Not" by Ruadh DeLone. Combining imagination and modern computerized image editing, this eccentric has created absolutely fantastic photographs.
"I Am Not" even explores the illusion of an invisible head, compelling smoke effects and the construction of the spanish master's famous mustache made from black plastic straws.

I Am Not Charlie Chaplin

I Am Not A Smoker

I Am Not A Cloud

I Am Not A Painter

22 mar 2012

"Apocalyptic paintings" by Ben Grasso!

Ben Grasso's paintings represent the fragility of things and instability due to natural or man-made catastrophic events like hurricane, storms and deadly crashes.
His paintings are a display of exceptional artistic vision and suggest a narrative constantly survey on the border between representation and abstraction.

20 mar 2012

Cauliflower Explosion!

Artist Brock Davis expands his Food Stuff series, this time recreating famous explosions with cauliflowers. Thus far he's depicted the Hindenburg disaster, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the detonation of an atomic bomb over Nagasaki.

17 mar 2012

Oreo - 100th birthday celebration!

The first Oreo cookie was sold on March 6, 1912 in Hoboken, N.J. These days, Kraft sells 70 million Oreo cookies every single day, which makes the treat the world's most popular sandwich cookie!

Real life paintings!

Alexa Meade, a 23 year old Washington, DC based artist has a special talent. Where most painters make their paintings and other artistic work lively by trying to imitate a 2-D canvas into 3-D, Alexa on the other hand makes live paintings on 3-D objects and with the use of photography converts them to canvas oil painting, thus imitating life in life.

Alexa has innovated this new painting technique called Trompe-L’Oeil that compresses three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional plane. Her work requires a fusion of painting, photography and performance by the artists. In her approach towards creating this lively painting, Alexa coats her models with a mask of paint, that hides the body but at the same time makes it more artistically live. The models are then camouflaged with a similar looking environment and objects.

Together they give the impression of a raw 3-D oil painting, which is so clicked that it looks 2-D. The photographic presentation creates a bridge between the smoothness of the physical scenery and the impression of a canvas oil paint.

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