26 nov 2012

Incredible Sculptures Made of Bicycle Parts!

Chicago-based bicycle parts company SRAM gives artists the opportunity to show how creative they can be by equipping them with a box of 100 bike components and challenging them to make something for their pART PROJECT competition.
This year, over 80 artists have participated, contributing their inventive creations that range from figurative sculptures to abstract collages. Each piece presents an imaginative transformation of gears and chains into anything from an artistic rendition of a robotic ostrich to a surrealistic creature with a baby doll's head mounted at the top.

Artist: Mark Castator - Title: Heart Lode

Artist: Billie Grace Lynn - Title: Lion

Artist: Ebitenyefa Baralaye - Title: When I spin, my dress spin too

Artist: Bruce White - Title: The Amazing Hjalmer and His Astonishing One-Person Self-Propelled Circus Machine

Artist: Rob Millard Mendez - Title: Ostrich

Artist: Lewis Tardy - Title: Free Wheeling

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